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Man beat up his daughter because pastor bought phone for his daughter also suspect his wife

Man beat up his daughter because pastor bought phone for his daughter also suspect his wife

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Man beating up his daughter

A man with name withheld from Ikwa Ibom beat up her daughter because pastor where her daughter work and worship bought phone for her daughter who is nearly 17 years old.

It was gathered to Ejitex that the man with name withheld promise to buy a hand set (phone) for her daughter when she pass her G.C.E result,but it was unfortunately to the man that pastor have already bought phone for his daughter since three months ago without his knowledge, but her mother is aware but refuse to tell the husband and the girl refuse to tell the father.

Last night I came back from work and I met my daughter with phone I ask her who is the owner of that phone,she replied to me,Is mummy's new Phone. I tell her your mummy have a phone,i said to her how can she buy another phone,in this condition we are facing in this country,she replied to me that her old phone have spoiled.

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I tell my daughter to give me that her mother's old phone,as she is about to give me the phone,she said to me daddy the new phone is my own not mummy phone,mummy phone is good,nothing happen to it,the new phone is my own our pastor bought the phone for me.

I ask her since when, She said since last three months,I went to her mother's shop to ask her.I ask her who is the owner of this phone my wife lie to me by saying she is the owner of the phone without knowing that our daughter have already told me the truth about the phone and who bought her the phone.

I went back home to bring my daughter to her mothers shop that night to repeat all she told me in her mother's presence,As I bring her to the mothers shop she repeat all that she told me earlier.

I told my wife so our daughter has a phone and you don't care to tell me,what you do is to cover her and also lie to me,i gave her back the phone and I left them there and come back home,I dont know what my wife told my daughter that night.

In the morning being today my daughter woke up from sleep,prepare to go to the church where she is working,she saw me,and pass me by with greeting me,daddy Good morning as she normally do,and as every children do,I call her back and ask her what have come over her,didn't you see me here,she did not talk or replied to me,

I told her to go back in the house no work for you today and she still stand there looking at me,I started to beat her up,one woman a neighbor from my compound started to blame me why I should beat my daughter, I replied to her why won't I beat her when she refuse to greet me this morning or obey my instruction.

The woman started to say rubbish also insulting me,she is very lucky that she did not come close to me to vomit that rubbish or insult me,I could have also beat her up and wait for her husband and police.

I will still goto that church and confront that pastor that bought Phone for my under age daughter, he will tell me the reason he bought phone for her with telling me,I suspect the pastor and my daughter,they maybe having an affair and my wife will know about that and keep silent and I will still report my wife to my kings men before I take my action on her.

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